Thunder Storms
Indie, Post hardcore. Hunger games, Percy Jackson, Heroes of the Olympus, Divergent ,Harry
Potter (♥), The mortal instruments, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. *Paramore, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys,Green day, Panic! at the disco, You me at six, Mayday Parade, 30 seconds to mars,The Pretty Reckless, Oasis,We are the in crowd, My Chemical Romance , Sleeping with sirens, Pierce The Veil, A day to remember, Suicide Silence , We came as romans,Of mice and men, Bring me the horizon,Nirvana.* Left handed. Singer of a band, Books are my life,Music too. Young writer. In my free time; Galaxy defender.
Holi soy la novia de Luke Skywalker y si quieres te puedo decir poesía en la Luna.
8 Years of my Favorite band♥

8 Years of my Favorite band♥

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tags: Paramore. HayleyWilliams. Jeremy. TaylorYork. 8years.

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